5-Part Mini Course & Worksheets

Are You Healing from Trauma, Abuse, or PTSD?

Need some help navigating through the darkness?
This 5-part mini course is designed to assist you in identifying your triggers and helping you to uncover hidden fears and shadows that are causing resistance to your healing.

Do you experience any of the below issues? If so, then this course is for you!

Deep feelings of unworthiness

Fear of being abandoned

Suffer from depression, anxiety, mood disorders

Survivor of childhood sexual molestation

​ Survivor of childhood verbal, emotional, physical or religious abuse

​Survivor of sexual assault, domestic violence or other abuse as an adult

​ Issues with substance abuse & alcoholism and addictions (gambling, sex, eating, shopping etc.)

​ Poverty, lack mentality, money restrictions & limiting beliefs/narratives

​Attract narcissistic romantic partners & people/friends who mistreat and abuse you

​ Unable to express emotions in a healthy way which comes out as anger/rage, eating our feelings, promiscuities, chronic illness, disease, addictions and reckless behavior.

Part 1

How to Identify Your Emotional Triggers
Learn about the different types of triggers and their causes and uncover your current top stressors.

Part 2

How to Deal with Emotional Triggers
Discover 5 effective methods for dealing with your triggers properly.

Part 3

Identifying Your Triggers Worksheet
Online & downloadable resources to help you identify your triggers.

Part 4

Top Strategies for Dealing with Your Triggers
Learn the best strategy for dealing with different types of triggers in your life.

Part 5

The Autonomic Nervous System
Discover some great exercises to help you move through your triggers faster by understanding Polyvagal theory.

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A Little About Me...

“I seek my own enlightenment for the sake of all beings.”

My background is filled with abuse, violence, trauma, karmic loops, and what seemed like endless suffering (for 3 decades) until I learned to BREAK FREE from the Ancestral trauma that I was energetically bound too. I did this by being guided by my Higher Self into the realm of my shadows. Now, shadow working is an integral part of my journey as it always brings transformational change.

It is my mission to help others break free from their energetic bondage to REGAIN control of their lives and progress with their spiritual journey. I use a wide variety of energy tools and modalities and work with a variety of Beings that assist me in helping others. 🙏

Alongside my spiritual gifts, I am trained in Trauma Resilience & Recovery, CBT, Mindfulness, Affirmations, Essential Oils, NLP, Reiki & Long-Distance Healing, EFT, Crystals & Chakra therapies, Hypnotherapy and much more.

My Personal Mission

I choose with purposeful intention to continuously and consciously expand in my awareness of Love, so that I may be a guidepost of compassion to others, for the purpose of ever-evolving Consciousness.

My Personal Vision

I desire and intend to become a global thought leader for the movement of Love and to build an Empire of Love, that facilitates deep healing and transformation and trains up others to be Ambassadors for Love.

Praise for Past Offerings

“Alana is one of the most intuitive beings I have ever experienced. You would gain so much insight into your life and your actions with great follow through if you opened yourself up to this experience! I certainly did and will continue to.” – Julia M.

“I’ve had amazing conversations with Alana. She is highly intuitive and communicated so well what I had been asking the Universe to hear. I recommend her 100%!” – Jess B.

“Alana’s heart is overflowing with compassion and love. She id deeply connected to Spirit, enabling her to communicate in such a way that truly resonates with me. – Elise W.

“Alana’s delivery is delightfully full of love, compassion and joy! She is very tuned in, thorough and insightful.” – Buster B.

“The Source is strong in this one, so do yourself a favor and open your heart and mind to the Divine love and light she brings to the art of understanding.” – Patrick M. 

“If you appreciate and have studied religions of the world and are open to varied spiritual ideas, you will appreciate her authentic approach and unique insight.” – Cynthia B.